Who we are


Our mission is to provide exceptional integrative patient and client centered health care services while embracing the power of mind, body, and spirit.  Continuing to foster the growth of Natural Medicine in our region through partnership, education, and entrepreneurial sponsorship.


Lakeland Natural Medicine will be recognized for patient-centered care, regional leadership in wellness initiatives, partnerships in industry development, and the improvement of sustainable living and self-healing through education.


Equality, Communication, Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Meaningful Collaboration.

Mission.To begin, Lakeland Natural Medicine is a wonderful place. Firstly, they have lots of people willing to help. In other words, They care for the community and those around them. In addition, their hearts are very full and they choose to share it. Secondly, the providers here are some of the best in the area. Give them a try. Thirdly, they offer lots of services. They even have outside providers. If we cannot help we will refer you to one of them. Most importantly, everyone deserves some self love and care. This is the place to get it. Moreover, they offer acupuncture, chiropractic, esthetician, float therapy, life coaching, and herbal medicine. With all of these providers, they hope to offer a integrative health care system. Therefore, one network to get all of your health care appointments in.

Associated Providers

Natural and holistic health care including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, esthetic care, life coaching, supplements, cbd products, and chinese herbs.